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Quick Start Guide of Press Brake

Introduction of Press Brake

Sanxin CNC press brake with a high-quality build with
2.5-6 meters bending length and
50-400 tons bending force has floor bending solution,
an impressive number of features and options,
competitive pricing and advanced DELEM DA66T or
Cybelec CybTouch 15PS 2D capable graphical controls,
this is your first choice in Y1/Y2 machine technology.

How to Use the Press Brake?

Application of Press Brake

The wide application of CNC bending machine:
  • Decoration industry
  • Electrical and electric power industry
  • Kitchen catering industry
  • Wind communication industry
  • Aerospace industry

Professional Press Brake Manufacturer

For the past 40 years since 1987, our machines have been used by more than 50000 customers around the world.
Over the years, Sanxin has focused on innovative research and development,and has become a leading manufacturer of metal sheet metal forming,laser cutting equipment and intelligent solutions.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Information about Press Brake

  • Q What is the difference between full electric bending machine and hydraulic bending machine

    A The full electric bending machine is faster and more accurate than the hydraulic bending machine, but the full electric bending machine is mainly used for bending thin plates, and the full electric bending machine is also expensive.
  • Q How to maintain the bending machine?

    A Check the oil pressure regularly, and observe that the oil temperature cannot exceed 70 ° during use. The pipeline shall be maintained regularly. The mould shall also be regularly oiled for rust prevention, and the impurities shall be cleaned regularly.
  • Q Why does the cylinder not move after I set the Y downforce value?

    A The cylinder stroke of bending machines of different tonnage is different, so the Y axis value you set cannot be greater than the cylinder stroke.
  • Q What is compensation workbench

    A The compensation worktable is an adjustable worktable for the bending machine with uneven working surface due to long-term use of the force
  • Q How to select the rear gear finger

    A Common rear stops are divided into four types: 1 axis, 2 axis, 4 axis and 6 axis. Ordinary bending parts can be completed with one axis and two axes, while the other two are mostly applicable to bending parts with complex structures.
  • Q The angles of both sides of the workpiece after bending are different

    A Usually, the reason is that there is a positioning problem in long-term use. If the error is large, you can remove the connecting rod between the two cylinders, and then control the operation of a single cylinder through the control system. After the cylinders on both sides are consistent, reinstall the connecting rod to solve the problem.
  • Q How to select the bending machine matching your needs

    A First, according to your material information, S: thickness, L: length of the bending edge, V: width of the die notch, which is brought into the calculation formula P=650 * S2 * L/V to obtain the required machine tonnage, and then select the machine width according to the length of the bending (pay attention to the influence of column spacing)
  • Q How to select the die of the bending machine

    A There are many kinds of upper mold and lower mold to choose from, which are generally designed by the manufacturer according to the workpiece drawings provided by the user of the machine.
  • Q How to improve the operation safety of the bending machine

    A The machine shall be operated by one person as far as possible to prevent accidents caused by operation errors. If necessary, it is recommended to install grating protection equipment.
  • Q Precautions for using the bending machine for the first time

    A First, Inject the required hydraulic oil, then switch on the power supply, click the start button and quickly close it. Observe the rotation direction of the fan at the rear of the motor. If it rotates clockwise, the power connection is correct.

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In the face of different products, Choosing the molds to bend are also different. There are standard upper molds with simple shapes and compound molds with complex structures. Then how many kinds of molds are there in the bending machine? In fact, there are a lot of different kinds of workpiece mold

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Segmented using of Press brake molds The bending machine mold is divided into integral and segmented ways in use. In most cases, the whole mold is used, and some parts are only divided into large sections of 835 or 800 for the convenience of disassembly. In special cases, in order to adapt to the

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