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DSP LASER will make your pressbrake safe in a very reliable way.
Its installation will be possible with great simplicity and at a cheap price.
You will make your working safe by using a cutting-edge techonology, 
without decreasing productivity, on the contrary productivity will be even 
improved compared with traditional systems by now obsolete.
The sensors present on the receiver, as depicted in the cross-section view of Fig 9.2, being
illuminated by the laser light emitted by the transmitter, form the detection area located
under the upper tool of the press-brake and which moves with this, 
being mechanically fixed to it.
The protection system DSP LASER has been designed to protect the operator against the
dangers due to the closing movement of the tools of a press-brake. The detection area is
subdivided in a front area, a central area and a rear area. The front area forbids the
squashing of the operator’s fingers between the front part of the punch and the die or the
objects present in the movement area (e.g. bottom of the box), while the rear area avoids
the squashing between punch and rear mechanics.
The system is provided with operating modes which allow the inhibition of the front and/or
rear detection area even during the fast approach speed. In this way, the protection of the
front and/or rear detection area is lost and the residual risks detailed above arise.
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