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Crowning System
Extremely high precision and adaptive crowning system
Sanxin crowning™ system generates an opposite force to offset the deflection of the beam and table. The crowning system ensures that the ram and table are parallel during bending
Sanxin PPO® Manual Crowning:

The Sanxin PRO Manual crowning tables provide mechanical compensation to the deflections occurring during the bending process.

  Very accurate bending angles
  Wide range dies from 60 mm to 220 mm
  Manual crowning with a handle
  Precise positioning and alignment of the crowning table
  Easy and fast usage
Sanxin PPO® CNC Crowning:

The Sanxin Pro® Adaptive CNC Crowning system enables the user to offset deformations of the beam while bending. thus, the angle is keeping constant along the entire plate length.

  Easy reversibility of tools because of symmetrical adaption
  CNC electric drive connected direct to the machine
  Micro crowning every 200mm
Wila crowning system
WILA Crowning systems fully compensate for the deflection in press brakes. This results in a consistent bending angle across the entire length of the machine. WILA New Standard Crowning Systems utilize a series of patented adjustable wedges known as Wila Waves.
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