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Segmented using of Press brake molds
Segmented using of Press brake molds The bending machine mold is divided into integral and segmented ways in use. In most cases, the whole mold is used, and some parts are only divided into large sections of 835 or 800 for the convenience of disassembly. In special cases, in order to adapt to the
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Types of press brake die
In the face of different products, Choosing the molds to bend are also different. There are standard upper molds with simple shapes and compound molds with complex structures. Then how many kinds of molds are there in the bending machine? In fact, there are a lot of different kinds of workpiece mold
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How to maintain the bending machine
For the maintenance of the bending machine, the most important thing is to keep it clean. Dust and dirt are the most affecting the overall use of the machine. It is important to keep the press clean. The bending machine mainly includes the following three parts.The first is the mold. The groove of t
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Why are there marks on the bending sheet?
After bending, there will be two different marks on the plate (Figure 1), which seriously affects the appearance. How is this phenomenon caused? Generally, such scratches occur near the bent edge, which is usually caused by bending molding on the touch tool, as shown in Figure 2 As can be seen in
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The advantages of four roll plate rolling machine
Normal three-roll plate rolling machine such as W11 series complete arc bending has a long straight edge, will have more waste on the plate, W12 four-roll plate rolling machine has a great improvement, so what are its advantages? First look at the structure (Figure 1) As the name suggests, the main
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Comparison of three roll plate rolling machine
Three roll plate machine is also divided into many kinds, in addition to the three roller work, there will be two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical three - roll roll machine is divided into symmetric and asymmetric. Performance characteristics of mechanical three-roll symmetrical plate r
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How to choose shearing machine
Plate shearing machine is divided into swing beam shear and guillotine shear two kinds, the two kinds of machine shear mode is different, the application effect is different. Table shears are shown in Figure 1 The tool rest in the shearing process around a fixed axis for arc swing, through the leve
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The debugging data of plate shears
There is a lot of data when choosing plate shears, in addition to the basic data in the tonnage and length is to buy the need to consider. For example, the shear Angle and the tool clearance have a direct impact on the post-processing, and these two data need to be adjusted at any time accordi
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The difference between different types of plate rolling machine
There are several kinds of common plate rolling machine, their function is to roll the plate, so what is the difference? In order to let you understand the structure and different types of rolling machine in more detail, follow us to have a look. W11 series: W11 is the unified prefix of most three-r
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Repeated use of Shearing machine blades
As a common equipment, plate shearing machine cannot be separated from it naturally, there will be too much wear in frequent use. How to replace the tool after it is worn? In fact, our cutting tools can be used in many aspects, according to your machine has different replacement and reuse methods.
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