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Service Introduction
At Sanxin our ultimate goal is to offer the quality service and support that our customers deserve. Our dedicated service staff and dealer network enjoys an unbeatable technician to machine ratio to ensure a timely response.

Sanxin machinery was founded in 2006, the first sheet metal working machine manufacturer in China.

The first production of Sanxin was a manual sheet cutting machine. Today Sanxin is proudly offering a wide range of products in the sheet metal working industry.

Sanxin with its 2000 annual machine production capacity, in its 45,000 square meter area, is the biggest sheet metal working machine producer company worldwide.
Sanxin main technologies offered are as follows:

Laser cutting technology                Punch and forming technology
Plasma cutting technolog              Bending technology
Cutting technology                            Combined shearing technology
Programming systems                     Automation technology
Sanxin is working and continuously investing in its employee and production in order to achieve better success, better technology and a better environment with its 450 employees. The company is aiming to be effective on its customer’s future improvements and to share big ideas by offering the latest technologies under the most competitive circumstances and forecasting their future requirements.
Sanxin is world class brand name which is serving the world technology to its customers in 92 countries and growing together with them.
After-Sales Service Increases Efficiency And Maintains Reliability
The uninterrupted operation of the customer’s production process is one of Sanxin most important goals.
Sanxin invests in the functionality and development of maintenance and spare parts services. Long experience ensures a wide knowledge of the equipment and enables anticipation of situations
Customer Service 
Sanxin Cutting & Bending system maintains a thoroughly trained customer service department
The innovative and high standards of the technology in our machines open new possibilities for you to meet the highest demands for quality
Preventive Maintenance 
Sanxin’s machines are designed to operate reliably and deliver total productivity over many years.
Software Support
We offer you the complete range of the most modern CAD/CAM support: from telephone hotline and remote support through update
Spare Parts and Consumables
We have current spare parts and consumables available for you with fast delivery.
Sentry Service
Sanxin machines are designed to provide many years of reliable service. However, long term profitable machine operation requires proper maintenance and service.
For any questions contact our customer care
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