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Trainings And Process Optimization
Sanxin teach you to drive in the best way possible your CAD/CAM and CNC machines with all its options.
 Concentration of technical know-how into a comprehensive training
 Documentation of our technical expertise and its implementation in practical training documentation
 Technically and pedagogically trained
 Long term experienced trainers
 Practical courses with hands on
 Exchange of expertise with other participants
 Secure use of systems
 Less unproductive work time after training
 Motivated personnel
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The innovative and high standards of the technology in our machines open new possibilities for you to meet the highest demands for quality and productivity in your company. Even the best machine produces more efficiently when operated by skilled staff. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you use your machines and equipment in the best way to suit your requirements.

All our instructors have long experience in the field of cutting machines and have an answer on every question regarding metal cutting. In addition to the general information they will give you a lot of hints and show you how to obtain the best results even for the toughest cutting tasks. Our specialists transmit to the course participants in a practical manner all the knowledge and expertise to work with our plants, equipment and software. You gain knowledge they need to make the best use of the many faceted possibilities.

Visit our training facilities or train your staff on your site. Our instructors can show your operators on your machine how to cut in the most efficient way.and whether new or old ESA / Cybelec or DELEM CNC control, we can help with user guidance or more extensive bending training.
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