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How to choose shearing machine

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How to choose shearing machine

Plate shearing machine is divided into swing beam shear and guillotine shear two kinds, the two kinds of machine shear mode is different, the application effect is different. Table shears are shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 Swing beam shearing machine movement

The tool rest in the shearing process around a fixed axis for arc swing, through the leverage, the fulcrum force is small, can improve the life of the cutting edge, the machine life, the machine structure is compact, and can be stepless adjustment of the travel of the tool rest, greatly improve the work efficiency. But the swing beam shearing machine has a drawback that the angle of shearing can not be adjusted, which is the lack of easy choice for different plate thickness shear.

The other is the guillotine shear machine , as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Guillotine shearing machine movement

Adopt integral welding frame structure, and after processing, the machine rigidity is good, high precision. At the same time, the three-point supporting shaft rolling guide rail is used to make the upper tool holder roll without clearance between the rolling guide rail, and the blade clearance can be adjusted by turning the handwheel. By adjusting the flow rate of the series cylinder, the shear Angle can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different shear plate thicknesses. Moreover, it has the function of adjusting the shear Angle, which can adjust the shear Angle according to the thickness of the plate to improve the shear smoothness.

By contrast, the swing beam shearing machine will work more efficiently, and the guillotine shearing machine is more beneficial to the configuration of the operation. So the two kinds of shearing machine have their own advantages, how to choose to see the user's use habits.

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