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Segmented using of Press brake molds

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Segmented using of Press brake molds

The bending machine mold is divided into integral and segmented ways in use. In most cases, the whole mold is used, and some parts are only divided into large sections of 835 or 800 for the convenience of disassembly. In special cases, in order to adapt to the multi-length bending work, fine sections are carried out. So let's see if we can use segmentation.

The use of segmented molds, first of all, for the convenience of replacement. The long machine molds are long and heavy, and it will be troublesome to replace them. It will be very convenient to disassemble and assemble them with the length of 835. And for things like Figure 1

Figure 1 Square box piece

No matter where the mold is bent at the end, there will always be interference phenomenon without subsection processing. Generally, this kind of part has many specifications, so the mold needs to be subdivided. Generally, an 835 mold will be divided into several parts (Figure 2), and then the mold segment required by them will be selected for combination, so as to achieve the mold with the width of the product

Figure 2 Mold section

In most cases, you will encounter unattainable values. For the combination method, here we want to show that the length of the combination can be less than the length of the bend. If your bending length is 47.18 (Figure. 3)

Figure 3 Composite widths are needed

If it is impossible to get a mold of the same length by combination, so you need to combine a mold of the closest length, then you need to use 20+10+15 combination into 45 length to complete the bending.

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