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Types of press brake die

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Types of press brake die

In the face of different products, Choosing the molds to bend are also different. There are standard upper molds with simple shapes and compound molds with complex structures. Then how many kinds of molds are there in the bending machine? In fact, there are a lot of different kinds of workpiece mold, but the commonly used mold can complete most of the work, and the mold has the upper die and the lower die, the lower die is mainly divided into multiple V, double V and single V, the more complex is the blank pressing compound die, mainly for the choice of the upper die, so we mainly to understand the upper die.

The upper die mainly has straight handle die, goose neck die, forming die

Straight handle die (Figure 1): It is the most commonly used mold. Generally, the machine will be equipped with a 90-degree bending mold (Figure 2), which can bend most products with a 90-degree Angle. If the bending angle is a specific degree, a 30-degree bending mold can be used for products with less than 90 degrees and more than 30 degrees, while a mold with the corresponding Angle is needed for products with less than 30 degrees

Figure 1 straight handle die

Figure 1  straight handle die

Figure 2 Straight handle die with 90 degree

Gooseneck die (Figure 3) : Mainly to deal with the bending on both sides, and the use of a straight handle mold will have interference design of a kind of avoidance mold

Figure 3 Gooseneck die

Forming die (Figure. 4) : Used for bending multi-structure compact workpiece, convenient for the completion of a processing, it should be noted that for polygon because of the bending of the edge and Angle, choose the tonnage of the machine according to the number of Angle amplification.

Figure 4 Forming die

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