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Anhui Sanxin Heavy Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Co.,ltd is a leading manufacturer & exporter of sheet metal processing machines, such as shearing machine, press brake, bending machine, rolling machine,profile bending machine, hydraulic press, power punching machine, ironworker. We undertake to offer the best and most technologically advanced equipments that are directed to enhancing efficiency and productivity in your operations.


With more than 15 years of experience, our team provides high-quality helmet protection products for all American guests and residents.

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We can provide you with the fastest and most accurate solutions with professional answers.

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Due to our batch manufacturing, the price we provide is more competitive.

Technical Support

We have 5 after-sales personnel with more than 10 years of experience, who can provide 24-hour service.

Short Lead Time

The standardized machine shall be delivered within 20 days and 45 days if there are special requirements.

Quality Control

One step inspection, 24-hour pressure test, 100% inspection qualified before delivery.

Quality Guarantee

Each machine is provided with a 15 year structural warranty and a 2-year accessory warranty.

Expert Solutions

Provide metal forming, laser processing equipment, industrial robots, automatic production lines and intelligent factory solutions for various industries.

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How to choose shearing machine

Plate shearing machine is divided into swing beam shear and guillotine shear two kinds, the two kinds of machine shear mode is different, the application effect is different. Table shears are shown in Figure 1 The tool rest in the shearing process around a fixed axis for arc swing, through the leve

Types of press brake die

In the face of different products, Choosing the molds to bend are also different. There are standard upper molds with simple shapes and compound molds with complex structures. Then how many kinds of molds are there in the bending machine? In fact, there are a lot of different kinds of workpiece mold

Segmented using of Press brake molds

Segmented using of Press brake molds The bending machine mold is divided into integral and segmented ways in use. In most cases, the whole mold is used, and some parts are only divided into large sections of 835 or 800 for the convenience of disassembly. In special cases, in order to adapt to the

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We cooperate with international famous brands.

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What service can Sanxin offer?

Sanxin not only has rich experience in offering customized design of machines,but also has professional team for after service…

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Sanxin has always strived to seek cooperation with agents. We are willing to work with agents to bring good machines and services to local customers.

Why Choose Us?

Sanxin has been committed to the research, production and service of sheet metal equipment since 2006.Sanxin is working and continuously …
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