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W12  Series  4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine
  • W12 Series 4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine
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W12 4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine
Useful length is from 1000mm to 6000mm. Thickness is from 2 to 100mm. With our 4 rolls plate rolling machine, plate can be bent on both sides without return. Full automatic control can be realized by PLC, there’s no need for additional processing steps for bending the ends. Quality certificate such as  CE and  ISO9001.
Technological Advantages
* Easy to operate, rich shape bend.
* CNC control, digital readout for position of each roller, high accuracy.
* Full hydraulic drive, high efficiency and energy saving.
* Productivity is higher 50%-80% than 3 roller plate rolling machine.
* Aligning material is convenient and accurate, avoid misalignment.
* Cone bending device, permanent lubrication.
* Non-slip rolling.
* The surplus flat edge is smaller than any other plate rolling machine when pre-bending.
 MachineStandard Control Panel
Human machine interface, intelligent operation, self compensating, single operate, high efficiency, safe and convenient.
PLC (Omron)
A PLC control system ensures the machine's bottom and lateral rolls operate synchronously. Up to 8 steps can be programmed with the touch screen.
Cylinder for Pinch and Lateral Rolls
Hydraulic Station
*Hydraulic pump station uses well-known brand ChangYuan, China.(Sunny, USA is optional)
*Hydraulic valves use world famous brand, Yuken from Japan.
*Pressure safety valves is used against peak pressures and overload, provides protection for motors and other components.
*Machine's movements are triggered by hydraulic components.
Hydraulic Drop End
Drop end opens and then top roll tilts up sequentially to remove the finished part easily
Hardened Rolls
Highly durable carbon steel (C45) rolls are machined by CNC lathes with high precision, without creating notch affect. Working surfaces of the rolls are induction hardened to HRC 48-52
Packing and shipping
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