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Most economic type
Easy operatioin with less maintenance
Bending thickness from 2-40mm
Quenched rollers with S45C material
  • W11 3 Roller Rolling Bending Machine
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Mechanical Rolling Machine
W11 3 Roller Plate Rolling Machine can pre bend
the plate edge and can rotate the pressing roller to feed the plate;
The movement of all three rollers shall be positioned according to the needs of rolling,
pre bending and rounding (the upper pressing roller bends the plate by hydraulic lifting
indenter like a bending machine; the two side pressing rollers move horizontally relative
and change the geometric position according to the needs of forming);It can cooperate
with CNC control system to achieve high rolling accuracy and roundness;
The sheet is fed horizontally, and the feeding end is always horizontal;
The three pressing rollers can be tilted according to the geometric angle of the cone to
realize the cone rolling.
Working Roller
Roller is the most important components
of the rolling machine, its quality and performance has a direct impact on the service life of the rolling machine and the precision of rolling.
Working rollers are made of high-strength high-quality steel 42CrMo material, after forging, roughing, quenching and tempering, HB240 ~ 300, finishing after the intermediate frequency quenching HRC47-58, according
to JB/ZG4289-86 roll steel standards.
Strictly in roller manufacturing, to ensure its comprehensive mechanical properties.
Electrical Components
Schneider Electric components ensure the
stable operation of the machine.
Reasonable line connection and arrange-
ment greatly reduces the failure rate.
The integrated control module of
hydraulic valve group makes the sliding
block move smoothly and accurately.
And the operator and all parts of the
machine played a good protection.
Low Noise and Powerful motor guaran
-tee the machine service life and im-
prove the machine working stability
PLC NC controller
Push button operation
2Dgraphical touch screen programming mode. 17" high resolution colour TFT
·Full Windows application suite
. Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity). USB, peripheral interfacing
. User specific application support within the control's multitaskingenvironment
. Sensor bending &.correction interface Profle-TL offline software
The offloading device is used after the roundcylinder have been finished. Before leaving theleft bearing seat, raises the upper roller to stan-dard height, and make the upper roller stopwith balance pull rod at the bottom of upperroller. Then draw out pin shaft on the tiltingbearing seat, overturn the tilting bearing seat,then the coiled product can emerge from oneend of the upper roller.
The transmission part consists with the mainmotor, gearbox motor and other accessories.

3 Rolls Pyramid Mechanical Plate Bending Machine
The suitable bending thickness of this rolling machine is from 4mm to 40mm.The range of useful length is from 1000mm to 4000mm.
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