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High accuracy and speed
Energy saving
Low installation cost
High efficiency and working range
  • Vertical V Grooving Machine
    This machine is efficient, convenient, fast, and high-precision, which can effectively improve work efficiency and save costs.
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Steel plate welded structure with aging treatment, not easy to deform.
Adopt imported industrial control system, man-machine interface, stable work.
The transmission parts all use screw guide rails, with high precision and low noise.
The positioning units are equipped with imported AC servo drives and motors.
Hydraulic components are made of Taiwan brands. The hydraulic part and the transmission part are interlocked, so the movement is smooth, safe and reliable.
Taiwan HUST CNC A60 Control
15 inch CNC touch display
Acceleration / deceleration response time: 0.5US
With fallback function
PLC interrupt function: scan time is
Fixed at 10ms
Avoid collision
Machine body
The machine structure adopts an integral welding frame, and the whole machine is tempered, which improves the stability of the whole machine. 
The worktable and the beam of the tool rest are optimized by finite element design, and the deformation of the two is controlled within the optimal range. 
To ensure cutting accuracy, and to control the structural parts within a reasonable weight
Working table
The table top adopts an adjustable structure and the surface is quenched, which not only improves the cutting precision, but also increases the service life.
Servo Motor Driver
Equipped with Servo drive, X-axis servo motor and planetary reducer with rack and pinion transmission, Y, Z1, Z2 axes are driven by ball screw, which has the characteristics of high planing efficiency, low maintenance cost, and low noise pollution.
Taiwan HIWIN linear guide
Adopt Taiwan HIWIN linear guide for improving the accuracy of the machine.
Taiwan YYC High Precision Rack
Taiwan YYC / KH high-precision rack and pinion are used to improve the accuracy of planing and increase the life of the machine.
Hydraulic station
Hydraulic clamping to avoid plate indentation
Tool holder
The tool holder is equipped with a V-groove sliding gap adjustable structure, made of ductile casting material, with high strength, good wear resistance and good guidance.
Front support
Suppor with aluminum balls for easy plate moving and anti-scratch function
Machine backgauge
Machine equipped with 1250/1500mm back gauge
With HIWIN Ball screw and HIWIN Linear guide
Driven by servo motor,with high accuracy and speed
Technical Specifications
High tech industry park,Bowang town,Maanshan,China


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