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W11S 3 rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine with Double Pre-bending
It's suitable for thickness from 2 up to 200mm,useful length from 1000mm to 10000mm.
  • W11S 3 rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine with Double Pre-bending
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W11S 3 rolls Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine with Double Pre-bending
Cone bending device contributes to make conical bend easily.
Abundant shape bend like shape O,U,R etc.
Specific bending process includes special bending craft,high-accuracy pre-bending of the edge,simple digital control.
It’s easy and convenient to move the workplace when equipped with simple ground foundation and whole solid chassis.
Customers can choose economic digital display type or TNC digital control type which’s totally dependent on their needs.
The top roller is designed as drum shape.In order to make a perfect cylinder from thin plate to thick plate,support roller is always installed at the lower part of bottom roller.
CE certificate
Electrical system
Mainly Siemens made in Germany
HMI (human machine interface), intelligentoperation. Self-compensating, single operate,high efficiency, safe and convenient.
Many models for choice, economic numericalcontrol model.
A PLC control system ensure the machine' sbottom and lateral rolls operate synchronously.Up to eight steps can be programmed with thetouchscreen.
Hydraulic drop end piston
Horizontal moving device through thereducer, worm gear and worm, screw nutmechanism to drive the horizontal move-ment of the upper roll device, the realizationof plate asymmetric winding.
Tipping device is composed of ram, tippingcylinder, etc. Mounted on one side of theoverturn frame for the overturn and
recovery of the overturn frame.Tippingdevice to facilitate the product along theaxial direction of the roller out.
The frame and base are welded parts ofsteel plate and section steel, which are agedafter welding to eliminate welding stress.Refinish it.The frame is made of steel platewelded as a whole. After removing the
stress, it is finished with high torsionsection coefficient and good strengthand stiffness.

Main power: China famous brand.
Main electronic: elements: Siemens made inGermany.


Tilting device
Hydraulic drop-end for easy removal offinished round workpiece.

Hydraulic system
Japanese Yuken brand, guarantee thestability of the hydraulic system andvalve lifetime.
Harden rolls with 42CrMo material
The top roller is designed as drum shape. 
support roller install in the lower of bottom roller to help bending a perfectround from thin to thick plate.
Top roller can do both level movement (move from left to right)and vertical movement(move from up to down).
Bottom roller is fixed. It just does rotation clockwise and counterclockwise.
Pre-bending is achieved by horizontal movement of upper roller and presses the end of plate .High precision pre-bending, freely control the straight side of plate.
Rolling round, it is achieved by means of the motor and reducer to drive two bottom rollers.

Semi-finished products
Packing and shipping
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