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  • Y32 Hydraulic press machine
    Four Column Hydraulic Presses/Double Action Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press Used in Processing Metal Products with a wide range of versatility, suitable for a variety of metal tensile, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, blanking process. Also applies to the correction, press-fit, powder products, abrasive products, grinding wheel, bakelite, resin thermosetting products forming and press-formed in the insulating material of the plastic products
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Y32 Hydraulic press machine
Four-column structure, and the force-bearing parts are optimized with a beautiful appearance and economical application.
Both the main cylinder and the piston rod are made of high-quality forgings, which improves reliability.
The power system adopts oil-immersed vertical pump set. Reduce noise, good oil absorption effect, and improve the life of the pump.
The slider can realize two control modes of fixed stroke and constant pressure, with functions such as pressure holding and delay; the working pressure and stroke size can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process needs.
Nut and piston
The main rod adopts four-nut structure, which improves the preloading performance and can maintain the stability of precision for a long time.
The surface of the piston rod and the column is quenched and plated with hard chrome, which improves the wear resistance and prevents the surface from being corroded and scratched.
Hydraulic system
Adopt advanced cartridge valve, compact structure, reduce pipeline connection, improve the sealing performance of the system and reduce leakage.
Oil tank and pump station
The volume of the liquid filling tank is increased to ensure fast liquid filling and reduce the time for pressure. Increase the heat dissipation area and reduce the oil temperature.
Electrics and control
The electrical control system has two control schemes: relay and PLC. The electrical system controlled by PLC is sensitive and reliable, and flexible; the operation buttons are concentrated on the panel and there is a movable button station, which is easy to operate; it has adjustment, two-hand single Two operation modes of sub-cycle
Pressure guage
The pressure gauge adopts shock-resistant pressure gauge and is equipped with a pressure gauge door, which is convenient for maintenance.
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