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  • Y27 Hydraulic press machine
    Four Column Hydraulic Presses/Double Action Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press Used in Processing Metal Products with a wide range of versatility, suitable for a variety of metal tensile, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, blanking process. Also applies to the correction, press-fit, powder products, abrasive products, grinding wheel, bakelite, resin thermosetting products forming and press-formed in the insulating material of the plastic products
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                 Y27 200T Hydraulic press machine

Three-beam four-column structure,economical and practical,hydraulic control adopts cartridge valve integrated system to reduce leakage point,reliable action and long service life.
Two forming processes:constant pressure and fixed stroke,with pressure-holding delay function,working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range,using button centralized cotrol.
It can realize three operation modes:manual,semi-automatic and automatic.

                 Y27 500T Hydraulic press machine

Press Machine Body
1.The machine body is made by 45 # cast steel . It is cast and quenched and tempered, not easy to break and deform. It has a longer service life than cast iron.
2. The four colimns are made by 45 # carbon steel processing, and treated with chrome plating, which has longer wear and corrosion
resistance and extends the life of the press.
       Pressure Gauge
Detect main cylinder and ejection cylinder pressure, adjust system hydraulic pressure.
       High Pressure Pipes
Electrical cabinet
Schneider brand from France.
Main Motor & Oil Cylinder
Solo cylinder structure which is disposed on the upper beam hole, cylinder block uses 45 # forged steel.
Plunger rod surface hardening hardness is HRC45-50. The cylinder finishing by high-precision machine tools, cylinder bore after refining process to increase surface hardness and wear resistance.
Polished and chromed with high rigidity treatment.
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