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             100% Pure Electric Power, no Oil
             Up to 50% Less Energy Consumption
             High Efficiency and Precision 
             High Bending Speed and Less Noise
             Less Maintenance Cost 
             Eco Friendly
Full Electric Servo Press Brake
Y1/Y2 adopts grating scale or magnetic grating feedback full-closed loop control mode, precise positioning control, repeated positioning; 
Intelligent tool load monitoring ensures tool safety; 
Accuracy reaches ±3μm! 
Five-wire touch screen, high reliability and service life of more than 10 million times, the operation process is simple and fast; 
Automatic calculation function of bending pressure, alarm prompt when the pressure exceeds the limit range; The amount of plastic deformation, the position of the back gauge is directly calculated according to the neutral layer; 
The angle intelligent compensation function: according to the sheet metal process parameters such as sheet metal material characteristics, die size, material thickness, bending angle, etc., combined with the CNC control system angle calculation model, any sheet metal;
Only one trial bending is required, and it can be automatically corrected according to the angle deviation, and then it can be officially produced; 
Continuous arc bending function; 
Mold parameter library: establish a mold parameter library for customers, which is convenient for customers to quickly call parameters for sheet metal folding bend.
Finite element analysis of high rigidity design The key mechanical parts of the machine tool adopt finite element analysis of deformation and safety factor to ensure the overall high rigidity requirements of the machine tool and the reliability of long-term use
CNC Control
ET 15 CNC system is mainly used in the field of all-electric servo bending machines. It is a high-end CNC system tailored according to market demand. It has powerful functions, rich built-in resources, and features products that are safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. .
A.Stable performance
The CNC system ET 15 adopts a high-end CNC system development platform and advanced sheet metal bending special algorithms and motion control algorithms. The main board adopts industrial-grade chips. The CNC system has passed EMC electromagnetic compatibility verification and high and low temperature environmental adaptability testing.
Crowning & Electrical Parts
 Our independently designed system calculates the compensation value based on the overall deformation of both the ram and worktable. This enables the deformation curve of the bed to align seamlessly with the compensation curve, ensuring optimal straightness and angle consistency in our products.
 The equipment employs authentic Schneider components imported from France, renowned for their stability, durability, and extended service life.
The machine is outfitted with an original Estun adaptive electrical box assembly, which boasts robust anti-interference capabilities and consistent electrical performance.
Punches & Dies
Selecting the appropriate press brake punches and dies is a crucial aspect to consider before placing your order. The right combination of punch and die is essential for achieving the desired bending shape. We offer a wide range of tooling options tailored to meet the diverse bending requirements of our customers.

Servo Motor & Electric  Cylinder
This machine uses heavy duty HIWIN ball screw ,Ensure smooth and reliable operation.
Driven by Japanese Sanyo servo motor, it is precise and efficient.
To ensure superior movement accuracy of the X-axis, we utilize imported ball screws and linear guide rails instead of traditional screw rods. This choice enhances the precision and consistency of our fabrication process
We have implemented a synchronous pulley mechanism controlled by a servo motor for the rear stop, as opposed to a stepping motor. This upgrade provides better control and accuracy in our operations.
Our entire backgauge system undergoes a high-temperature tempering process to eliminate internal stress, enhance metal plasticity and toughness, and prevent any loss of accuracy resulting from frame deformation.
CNC Back gauge
The standard configuration is equippd with 2-axis (X, R) CNC floor-mounted rear gauge, and two-axis (X, R),
4-axis (X, R, Z1, Z2), 6-axis (X1, X,R1,R2,Z1,Z2) can be selected according to different needs of customers
Magnetic Scale Ruler
Slider position signal is feedbacked to controller by Magnetic Scale Ruler, then the CNC Controller adjusts the amount of fuel tank by changing the synchronous valve opening size, hereby controlling the slider ( Y1,Y2) running on the same frenquency ,maintaining the parallel state of the worktable
The spindle power box can transmit the bending pressure, adopts heavy-duty ball screw and bearing, ultra-long life design, and seal protection design ensures that key components are not affected by external dust.
Energy saving
The all-electric servo bending machine automatically outputs the appropriate power and electric energy according to the working conditions, so it is particularly power-saving. Green and environmental protection: no need to use and replace hydraulic oil, which ends the pollution of waste hydraulic oil to the environment.
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