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The debugging data of plate shears

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The debugging data of plate shears


There is a lot of data when choosing plate shears, in addition to the basic data in the tonnage and length is to buy the need to consider. For example, the shear Angle and the tool clearance have a direct impact on the post-processing, and these two data need to be adjusted at any time according to the thickness of the sheet.

Firstly, the shear Angle (Figure. 1) is introduced. This parameter can only be adjusted by the guillotine shears due to the influence of the structure. The size of the shear Angle is related to how smoothly you cut the board.

Figure 1 Shear Angle

The larger the shear Angle a is, the smaller the shear force is when cutting the plate, and the smaller the shear force is when the cylinder is used, there is no need to use the full load, and the power consumption can also be reduced. When the plate thickness is thick, it is still necessary to adjust the shear Angle, and the smaller shear Angle will be difficult to shear the thick plate.

Finally, the lower knife edge clearance is introduced (Figure 2). The rationality of the knife edge clearance directly affects the shear quality.

Figure 2 blade edge clearance

Edge clearance is too small: if the blade edge clearance is too small, the upper and lower blade edge bite will have problems, affecting the edge sharpness of the blade, and serious will cause the blade edge crack.

The clearance of the knife edge is too large: when the plate cutter processes the workpiece, because the clearance of the blade edge is too large, the light will cause a large number of burrs on the cutting edge of the workpiece, the straightness is not good, and the heavy will lead to the workpiece can not be cut down and may cause the damage of the plate cutter equipment.

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