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The advantages of four roll plate rolling machine

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Normal three-roll plate rolling machine such as W11 series complete arc bending has a long straight edge, will have more waste on the plate, W12 four-roll plate rolling machine has a great improvement, so what are its advantages?

First look at the structure (Figure 1)

Figure 1 Four roller construction

As the name suggests, the main action of the four-roll plate rolling machine consists of four rollers up and down,left and right. The working procedure (Figure 2) is that the position of the upper roll is fixed, and the lower roll moves up in a straight line to clamp the steel plate. The straight line or arc of rollers on both sides move up the roller to adjust the radius of curvature of the drum. The rollers of the four-roll and three-roll plate rolling machines have different forms of motion, but the working principle is the same. They all use the principle of three-point circle to roll with different radius.

Figure 2 Working principle of four rollers

By comparison, it can be seen that the straight edge A of three rolls is long while that of four rolls is much shorter (Figure. 3).

Figure 3 Advantages of four rolls

This is the most direct advantage of the four-roll rolling machine, and even if the four rolls are so short, the straight edge can still be shortened by the late action of the rollers to achieve the requirements of cutting almost no further processing.

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