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Repeated use of Shearing machine blades

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Repeated use of Shearing machine blades

As a common equipment, plate shearing machine cannot be separated from it naturally, there will be too much wear in frequent use. How to replace the tool after it is worn? In fact, our cutting tools can be used in many aspects, according to your machine has different replacement and reuse methods.

If you are a swing beam shearing machine, then your cutting blades appears wear, in fact, your cutting blades can be used twice. You just need to remove the blades, and then turn the blade over to bring the original up end down. At the same time, because of the motion of the swing beam shear structure, the blade is shaped like a diamond, so you can only use the two points in Figure 1.

Figure 1 The shape of the swing beam cutter blade

If you are a guillotine cutter, then all four sides of your cutter blades can be used after wear because the blade is square (Figure 2).

Figure 2 guillotine cutter shape

But when you find that your blade is so worn that all the usable surfaces are worn, you need to reorder the blade. After replacing the touch blade, it is necessary to adjust the blade because it is not sure whether the blade is properly installed. Observe whether the blade is loose through the test shear and adjust it to a reasonable gap of the blade edge.

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