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How to maintain the bending machine

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How to maintain the bending machine

For the maintenance of the bending machine, the most important thing is to keep it clean. Dust and dirt are the most affecting the overall use of the machine. It is important to keep the press clean. The bending machine mainly includes the following three parts.

The first is the mold. The groove of the mold will have iron filings when it is bent many times, and it needs to be cleaned often. If it is not cleaned regularly, the groove will accumulate too much iron filings, which will lead to the bending unable to be in place and affect the use of the mold.

Figure 1 Mold prone to dust accumulation

Secondly, the electric cabinet of the bending machine is equipped with cooling fans or exhaust ports, which are easy to be blocked by dust, so it needs to be removed and cleaned or blown out every month. In order to ensure the internal cleanliness of the electric cabinet, please try to keep the door of the electric cabinet closed except when you perform maintenance on it.

Finally, the backstop of the bending machine should also be kept clean in order to accurately locate. The ball screw of the back-gauge must be cleaned of all excess lubricant, so as not to accumulate debris and other pollutants to hinder its activity.

In addition, for ease of use, many people are used to placing finished products on shelves. For failed product, in order not to affect the work, the operator will stack them near the machine, and the accumulation of excessive adsorbed dust will increase over time. In order to have a good working environment, the most direct approach is to keep the area around the machine clean, not to accumulate objects around the machine, which can effectively reduce the impact of dust on the bending machine.

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