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Comparison of three roll plate rolling machine

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Comparison of three roll plate rolling machine

Three roll plate machine is also divided into many kinds, in addition to the three roller work, there will be two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic.

Mechanical three - roll roll machine is divided into symmetric and asymmetric.

Performance characteristics of mechanical three-roll symmetrical plate rolling machine (Figure. 1) : The structure of this machine is that the upper roller makes vertical lifting movement in the symmetrical position of the center of the two lower rollers, and the two lower rollers make rotating movement. The motor and the reducer provide torque for the rolling sheet. But with this machine, the end of the plate needs to be pre-bent with the help of other equipment.

Figure 1 Symmetrical three roll plate bending machine

The main features of the mechanical three-roll asymmetric plate rolling machine (Figure. 2) are as follows: the structure of the machine is mainly driven by the upper roll, and the lower roll moves vertically up and down to clamp the plate. It has the dual functions of pre-bending and round winding. Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.

Figure 2 Asymmetric three roll plate bending machine

The main features of the hydraulic three-roll plate rolling machine are as follows: the roller of the machine can be lifted vertically, and the hydraulic transmission of vertical lifting can be obtained by the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting on the piston rod; The lower roller is used as a rotary drive, and the output gear meshes through the reducer to provide torque for the rolling plate. The lower roller is provided with a supporting roller and can be adjusted. It also has the function of sheet end prebending.

Figure 3 Four roll plate bending machine

Overall comparison can be found that mechanical because the service life of mechanical transmission can not be compared with the hydraulic type, coupled with the worm gear and worm speed is much lower than the cylinder, its work efficiency is also very low. Finally on the operation of manual positioning, accuracy and security are greatly reduced.

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