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         CNC  Press  Brake         

          Decreased operating costs

          Future-oriented technology

          Remarkable noise reduction

          Fewer secondary measures

          Compliance with EU CE Directives




DSP LASER protects the pressbrake operator from the danger of crushing that can take place accidentally between the moving part of the machine and the fixed one.The project idea used for this device is the one to fit out the moving pert of the pressbrake with a protection zone.

This is a volume of suitable and special dimensions generated by DSP LASER and placed under the upper tool vertex at a higher distance than that the machine requires to stop.So the protection zone, that moves together with the mobile part because integral with it, advances the race of this one towards the fixed pert. An obstacle (for example the Operator fingers) when entering the protection zone. Is detected immediately causing consequently the interruption of the mobile part motion.

Easy maintenance
Low noise
Energy saving 70%
High efficience
Easy operatoin
Optional Control
High tech industry park,Bowang town,Maanshan,China


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